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Satisfaction Guarantee
Here at LearnLocker, everyone involved works tirelessly to ensure you are completely satisfied with your experience and subscription. And if not, we'll do everything in our power to make it right, guaranteed. We welcome your feedback and the opportunities to earn your business.
Sharing Policy
Your LearnLocker Personal3 or Group3 subscription includes two bonus accounts that exist for the purpose of sharing. You are encouraged to invite family and friends to share the LearnLocker experience with you. You can invite and recall those accounts as often as you like. In fact, we do not limit the number of people you can invite, only the number of simultaneously active ones tied to your account.
Privacy Policy
Your privacy is important to LearnLocker. To better protect your privacy, we have provided this statement which explains our online information practices, and the choices regarding the way your personal information is collected and used. We hope this statement will increase your confidence in our Web site and enhance your experience with LearnLocker.
Learn from our experts...anytime.
Jonathan Myers:
"I love this training. I thought I was an Excel expert until I learned the other 90% of what I didn't know. I'm back for more".
Trish McNeil:
"The classes were quick and I got through the ones I needed in no time. It's a perfect reference tool for me and my friends".
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